“Train The Trainer Program”

Summary of Program:

Our Pre-recorded Trach course allows the participants the opportunity to learn at their own pace.  The pre-recorded course is the same as it would be in a class setting.  One of the advantages of taking our pre- recorded course is that your staff will have the convenience of learning at their own pace and the convenience of the home or work setting, while still obtaining the knowledge and a certificate of completion at the end of the course after successfully achieving a passing score of 80%.  After course completion and successful passing score the participant will be mailed a certificate of completion.  Participants will also be able to review the video for a specified time once purchased.  Once course is purchased the “Trainer” will have access to ask questions via email or telephone for up to 1 year after purchase of course.  All questions will be answered either by email or in live telephone conversation within 48 hours.  Pre-recorded course allows your staff to learn while saving the facility money in travel costs that would otherwise be incurred in travel.

“Train The Trainer”

Our “Train The Trainer” program is designed for those facilities wishing to deliver the highest quality of care possible while obtaining positive outcomes and building up their program while at the same time building their reputation within the local hospitals, nursing homes and medical community as one of the preferred providers of Tracheostomy and pulmonary patients.

How does the program work?

We offer several programs to meet your needs.  Our “Train The Trainer” functions as follow:

  1. A package appropriate for the size group to be trained is selected and purchased
  2. We set-up a date for your “Trainer” to be trained.  Training can be conducted at your facility or if you wish you can send your trainer to our San Antonio Texas location.
  3. We train the selected individual to be the “Trainer” in front of a live audience followed by up to 3 hours of live one on one training.  You Trainer will be your facilities “go to person” to answer questions and concerns related to respiratory training to include Tracheostomy care.
  4. You are given a coupon code which you will give the staff you chose to participate in the training and watch the video online.
  5. After watching the video a test is taken.  Upon successful passing score of 80% or better, the participant sets up a date with the “Trainer” to be checked off one on one.
  6. The “Trainer” will physically check off the participant and send a roster to us for issuance of certificate.
  7. The Trainer will submit roster for certificate issuance.

Advantages of program:

  • Staff trained by Licensed Respiratory Therapist
  • Trainer Access 24/7 for a full year via telephone or email to ask questions/reassurance
  • Individuals trained before working on floor
  • Staff increased performance
  • Increase census and outcomes due to properly trained personnel/staff
  • Reduce hospital readmissions by providing quality care from properly trained staff
  • No off floor time needed to get staff trained

Cost of the program:

1-15 trainees $2,755

16-30 trainees $4,055

36-100 trainees $6,500


All prices include travel to your facility or for your Trainer to come to San Antonio, TX for training for 1 day.  2 weeks advance notice is required to set up training.  Payments must be made in advance to schedule training.  All packages include an initial training of 6 participants including Trainer.  Prices do not include Alaska or outside the U.S. areas.  For pricing in your area outside the U.S. please call us.


*All packages are based on a 1 year contract agreement.  All coupon codes not used by the anniversary date of purchase will be forfeited. 

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