Meet the Staff


Our highly qualified instructors are State Licensed professionals in their field of expertise and strongly promote competencies and skill readiness. Our programs strive to help you acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed to perform quality care. As Respiratory Therapists currently practicing in the profession, we understand how important it is for healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals to get adequate and professional training in our field of expertise. Our 2 owners offer over 55 years combined Respiratory Expertise to service your needs. Our goal is for all of our participants to leave with the knowledge and expertise needed to care for their loved ones.

meCarlos Garcia, RCP  

Trach Masters was founded by Carlos Garcia in 2013 with the goal of providing much needed training to all healthcare providers throughout.  Mr Garcia is a Respiratory Therapist and has a passion for teaching and obtaining results on medically challenged patients.  With over 20 years of clinical experience Mr. Garcia puts his extensive knowledge together to deliver quality training to health care and non healthcare providers.  As a Vascular Access Specialist Carlos is excited to learn as much as he can and put in into practice.




Rhamseys Garcia

Rhamseys is our newest member bringing lots of energy and heart to our company.  Whenever a problem needs to be solved Rhamseys is there willing to help to resolve the issue.  As a new BLS and First-Aid instructor Rhamseys puts his young talent to work and is always willing to help.  With the hope that one day he will run the company he aspires to obtain a degree in law.



Marvin is a faculty of the American Heart Association and has been teaching American Heart Association courses in the Dallas area and throughout Texas since 1997.  Marvin is very passionate about his work and as you can see studies by the many letters that follow his name.  Marvin operates the Dallas area.  Marvin has been a Respiratory Therapist for over 30 years and brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to the company.


Gloria John   RN-MSN

Professor Gloria John has over 10 years of teaching experience in nursing education.  She has over 30 years experience as a nurse midgloriawife in several different countries.  She has a passion to share her knowledge on applying nursing science and providing patient care.  She facilitates an educational environment where the students learn nursing principles to succeed in the NCLEX exam.






Mary Martinez, RRT,RCP


Mary has been a Respiratory Therapist for over 17 years.  Mary is always eager and glad to share her extensive knowledge in Respiratory Therapy with anyone willing to learn.  Mary is one of our Vascular Access Specialists.

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