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I came from New York to go to the Trach Masters Course in ventilator management and Tracheostomy Care. It is so much in demand for home care but very hard to find training. I learned so much from Carlos. It was step by step and simple to understand. They allow time for you to practice and ask questions. I have some friends who want to come with me next time to take the Tracheostomy training. I will come back to take the I.V. Therapy. I was treated like royalty. They gave me a ride to and from the training and even a ride to the airport when the course was over. You will leave this course with a very good understanding of how the ventilator and trach work. I am now confident enough to begin a job in a patient's home. Once I got home to NY, I called a home care agency to let them know about this training course and now I have a job interview next week with them. Thank you, Thank you to Carlos. Keep up the good work and I'll be back.

Elizabeth Hayes, NY September 25, 2014

I recently took 3 private classes from Trachmasters, (Tracheostomy care,CPR, Ventilator Management). This was done in preparation for my step-daughter, who has a trach and is on a ventilator, coming home from the hospital. The instructors, Carlos, was extremely knowledgable and really kept the classes moving and interesting. After the first class, Trach Care, we were able to start asking intellegent questions regarding our step-daughters current care and have already begun suctioning her while at the hospital. The CPR class was great! Things have changed so much since I first learned CPR over 30 years ago. The Ventilator Management is allowing us to correctly interpret the setting on her vent and understand all the changes and alarms. I am already signing up friends of the family who will be helping with Jackie while she’s at home. THANK YOU!!

Martin, San Antonio,TX September 16, 2014

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