Kiddie Corner Child Monitoring

Kiddie Corner was created for working Moms and Dads.  You can bring your children to your class.  Trach Masters is not a day care nor are we licensed to function as a daycare.  Kiddie Corner is only available while you are taking a course with us and the following rules are strictly enforced:


  1.  Parents must remain on premises while children are in kiddie corner.  Once parents step out of the building their children must accompany them, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Due to choking hazards, there will be no drinking or eating while in Kiddie Corner.
  3. Staff will not change diapers nor will they accompany your child to the bathroom.  If a child must use the bathroom, the parents will be notified and they must accompany their child to the bathroom.
  4. Children MUST remain in Kiddie corner room while parents are attending class, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. ABSOLUTELY no fighting, cursing, biting or disruptive behavior will be tolerated.


Prices for Kiddie Corner are as follows:

First child (must be of walking age) $10, every child thereafter will be charged $6.  Fee is valid for the entire duration of the class per day.  Children 13 years and older will not be allowed to remain in Kiddie corner but can wait in waiting room.  No charge for children 13 years and older.


All Kiddie corner requests must be made prior to class registration.  A minimum of 2 days advance notice will be made for Kiddie corner requests.  For further questions please contact Trach Masters at (210) 870-5141 or email us at  Thank you for your cooperation.


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