Complete Tracheostomy Care & Equipment

Complete Tracheostomy Care & Equipment

Complete Tracheostomy Care & Equipment


A course for nurses, medical health care professionals, and other interested individuals designed specifically to teach delivery of the best quality care to tracheostomy patients.

Changes in Medicare payment made in 2010 are leading to an influx of patients with tracheostomy into sub-acute skilled nursing facilities.  Health care reform will further influence this trend and reimbursement will depend on quality care and positive outcomes.  This course is designed for practitioners and facilities who want to be proactive in being able to meet the demand and support this fragile population.  We also offer a course specifically designed for family members of patients with a tracheostomy.

Tracheostomy patients can make even the most seasoned healthcare practitioners uneasy.  For many RN's, LPN/LVN's, EMT's, CNA's and other healthcare professionals, these patients will provide a new challenge and demand that they develop new skills in order to maintain the upmost standards of care.  This course aims to take the mystery out of tracheostomy care.  Through lecture, demonstration, return demonstration and through review of industry best practice methodologies, Nurses and other healthcare practitioners will gain the knowledge and confidence they will need to provide quality care.  Our classes offer lecture followed by a skills lab with life like mannequins and actual equipment offered for completion of return demonstration skills lab.  Competency and comprehension can be achieved by performing procedures on our life-like training mannequins.  Tracheostomy competency certificate will be distributed upon successful completion of return demonstration skills at the end of the lecture.  *CEU certificate will be issued to those healthcare professionals who have purchased the CEU course.

Our highly qualified instructors are State Licensed professionals in their field of expertise and strongly promote competencies and skill readiness. Our program strives to help you acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed to perform quality care.

Upon completion of this course, the healthcare participant will be able to:

  • understand basic respiratory equipment terminology
  • Recognize why, when and how to use universal precautions
  • Identify different types of tracheostomy tubes and components of a trach
  • Describe MOV and MLT technique and proper tracheostomy tube cuff inflation
  • Recognize why, when and how to suction the tracheostomy tube and correct suction pressures and suction depth
  • Recognize when and how to properly clean the stoma
  • Recognize why, when and how to perform complete trach care
  • Recognize why, when and how to change the tracheostomy tube
  • Recognize why humidification is important for tracheostomy
  • List different modalities for delivering humidification to tracheostomy and set up selected types of humidification
  • State and identify the important supplies needed on stand-by in the room of all tracheostomy patients
  • Identify the management of the tracheostomy patient found in distress
  • Set up and use oxygen delivery devices
  • Identify complications associated with a tracheostomy
  • Care for a fresh trach
  • Remove a trach when ordered
  • Reinsert a trach in accidental decannulation
  • Identify emergency procedures
  • Identify different types of PMV (speaking valves) and use of PMV valve
  • Identify PMV indications and contraindications
  • Aid in mucous plug prevention
  • document and identify important information needed when giving and receiving report of a trach patient

The 4 hour course is designed to educate and train healthcare professionals to perform tracheostomy care safely and properly

Taking care of tracheostomy at home for family members and other non-healthcare individuals:

This course is intended for the family member, patient and non-clinical personnel who wish to learn how to properly take care of a tracheostomy patient in the home setting

Return Demonstration skills lab

  1. Tracheostomy care
  2. Suctioning procedures and identify correct suction pressure
  3. Sterile technique
  4. Setting up selected oxygen delivery devices
  5. Speaking valve
  6. insert tracheostomy tube and use proper cuff inflation using MLT, MOV and cuff pressure manometer
  7. give and or receive report and document
  8. identify emergency procedures



Trach Masters (Exit Carolina, close to Alamodome)
1216 Hoefgen st.
San Antonio, 78210

Classes Available

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  • Noel Weeks

    What is the cost of this course? Do you travel to California and if not would you know of a similar company in northern CA?

    • Unfortunately our courses are currently not offered outside of Texas unless it’s a group usually of 40 or more. We do not know of any companies elsewhere offering live training as we do.

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